Cylindrical Roller Bearings

Cylindrical roller bearing is a roller bearing with separable outer and inner ring, it's very convenient to mount and dismount, as well as maintenance inspections. The rollers of cylindrical roller bearing are in linear contact with the raceways, therefor, they have a high radial load capacity and are suitable for high speeds. Cylindrical roller bearings allow a small angular error between inner axes and outer axes in the range of 2' ~ 4'. Therefore, it requires higher machining precision on shaft and housing; otherwise, asymmetrical load and stress would be focused at the position of raceway. However, this situation can be improved by correcting the contacted generatrix of rollers or raceways. According to different rows, cylindrical roller bearings are divided into single row, double-row, and four-row cylindrical rollers. These differences are also displayed on the design of flange position.

There are different types designated for cylindrical roller bearings. Depending on the existence of ribs on their rings, single row cylindrical roller bearings are classified into N, NU, NJ, NUP types; double row cylindrical roller bearings are classified into NN, NNU types.

Depending on the design or absence of side ribs, four row cylindrical roller bearings are classified into FC, FCD and FCDP types.

Pressed steel or machined brass cages are generally used.

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