Spherical Roller Bearings

Designation and Suffix of Spherical Roller Bearings



Part No. Very Light 239XX 239XX 239XX 239XX
Light 230XX 230XX 230XX 230XX
Light, Wide 240XX 240XX 240XX 240XX
Medium 231XX 231XX 231XX 231XX
Medium, Wide 241XX 241XX 241XX 241XX
Heavy 222XX 222XX 222XX 222XX
Heavy, Wide 232XX 232XX 232XX 232XX
Extra Heavy 213XX 213XX 213XX 213XX
Extra Heavy, Wide 223XX 223XX 223XX 223XX
Part No. Suffix Bronze cage, one piece, guide ring CAM, AM CA, CACM M EM
Bronze cage, two piece, guide flange M MC MB ­­--
Steel cage, two piece, guide ring C, CD CJ, CC Blank ­­--
Polyamide cage, two piece H ­­-- TVPB ­­--
Tapered bore 1:12 K K K K
Tapered bore 1:30 K30 K30 K30 K
Carburized Steel, complete bearing g ECD W209 W40
Carburized Steel, inner ring only g3 ECB W209B W401
Lubrication groove & holes outer ring E4 W33 S WW33
Lubrication groove & holes outer ring, holes inner ring E7 W513 SH40AB ­­--
Outer ring, tapered holes one face for lifting ­­-- W56 ­­-- ­­--
Outer ring, tapered holes one face for lifting + E4 feature E8 ­­-- ­­-- ­­--
Holes only outer ring E3 W20 SY W20
Holes only inner ring E5 W26 H40AB W94
No relubrication features Blank Blank ­­-- ­­--
Plugs provided for outer ring holes E42 W77 H40 W841
Combination W33, W4, W31 E4P55 W507 ­­-- W507
Combination W33, W31 E4U22 W206 ­­-- ­­--
Combination W33, W26, W31 E7U22 W509 SH40A W509
Outer ring with extra close running accuracy P52 C04 T52BN C04
Inner ring with extra close running accuracy P53 C02 T52BE C02
Inner and outer ring w/extra close running accuracy P55 C08 T52BW C08
Special inspection measures U22 W31 ­­-- W31
Inner and outer ring heat stablized to 200℃ S11 S1 ­­-- S1
Tight clearance C2 C2 C2 C2
Normal clearance Blank Blank Blank Blank
Loose clearance C3 C3 C3 C3
Extra loose clearance C4 C4 C4 C4


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