Inch-size Tapered Roller Bearings

Prefix and Designation of Inch-size Tapered Roller Bearings



Prefix Extra heavy EH EH KEH EH
Heavier than heavy HH HH KHH HH
Heavy H H KH H
Heavy medium HM HM KHM HM
Meduim M M KM M
Light medium LM LM KLM LM
Light L L KL L
Lighter than light LL LL KLL LL
Extra light EL EL KEL EL
Cup Angle 0° to 23°59'59.99 1XXXX 1XXXX 1XXXX 1XXXX
24° to 25°29'59.99 2XXXX 2XXXX 2XXXX 2XXXX
25°30' to 26°59'59.99 3XXXX 3XXXX 3XXXX 3XXXX
27° to 28°29'59.99 4XXXX 4XXXX 4XXXX 4XXXX
28°30' to 30°29'59.99 5XXXX 5XXXX 5XXXX 5XXXX
30°30' to 32°29'59.99 6XXXX 6XXXX 6XXXX 6XXXX
32°30' to 35°59'59.99 7XXXX 7XXXX 7XXXX 7XXXX
36° to 44°59'59.99 8XXXX 8XXXX 8XXXX 8XXXX
44° up, but not thrust only 9XXXX 9XXXX 9XXXX 9XXXX
Confirms to AFBMA standard R Blank Blank Blank
Case carburized cup and cone G Blank Blank Blank


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