Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Designation and Suffix of Deep Groove Ball Bearings



Part No. Inch RXX RXX RXX
Extra small 6XX 6XX 6XX
Extra light 60XX 60XX 60XX
Light 62XX 62XX 62XX
Medium 63XX 63XX 63XX
Extra thin section 68XX 618XX 618XX
Very thin section 69XX 619XX 619XX
Thin section 16XX 16XX 16XX
Maximum capacity, light BL2XX 2XX 2XX
Maximum capacity, medium BL3XX 3XX 3XX
Part No. Suffix Two seals ( no contact ) W ­­-- ­­--
Two seals ( contact ) DDU 2RS 2RSR
One seal (contact ) DU RS RSR
Two shields ZZ 2Z ZZR
One shield Z Z ZR
Snap ring NR NR NR
Steel cage Blank J ­­--
Brass cage M M M
Heat stabilized 200C X28 S1 S1
Tight clearance C2 C2 C2
Normal clearance Blank ­­-- ­­--
Loose clearance C3 EM(C3) C3
Extra loose clearance C4 C4 C4
Electric motor grade E QE6 ­­--


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