Cylindrical Roller Bearings

Prefix, Designation and Suffix of Cylindrical Roller Bearings

Description Intercharge
Prefix Single row, no flange on outer ring N N N
Single row, no flange on inner ring NU NU NU
Single row, 1 flange inner NJ NJ NJ
Single row, 1 flange outer NF NF ­­--
Single row, 1 flange inner, with retaining ring NUP NUP NUP
Single row, 1 flange inner, w/stabalizing ring NH NH NH
Stabalizing ring HJ HJ HJ
Double row, flanges outer/fanges inner NNU/NN NNU/NN NNU/NN
Part No. Light 2XX 2XX 2XX
Medium 3XX 3XX 3XX
Heavy 4XX 4XX 4XX
Extra light 10XX 10XX 10XX
Light, wide 22XX 22XX 22XX
Medim, wide 23XX 23XX 23XX
Part No. Suffix Polyamide cage T P TVP2
Composite high temp (200F) cage T7 ­­-- ­­--
Machined brass cage M M M, M1
Pressed steel cage W, WS J JP1
High capacity design E EC E
Full complement (no cage) V V V
Tight clearance C2 C2 C2
Normal clearance Blank Blank Blank
Loose clearance C3 C3 C3
Extra loose clearance C4 C4 C4
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